Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes It's Rude...

You know how some people are well-meaning when they make comments? I'm not so sure these people were, but....yeah!

I've gotten emails and private messages on Facebook that have just....well....rubbed me the wrong way! Seriously! I'm going to just say, I have the BEST hubby in the world! He's sweet, funny, caring and he bends over backwards to make me happy! He's the best daddy in the world (my kids' lives revolve around him)! So, that being said, I find comments like the following one rude and completely unnecessary!

"I hope, now, that Chris will stop treating you like a baby factory!"

Huh?! Seriously, you did NOT just say that! Guess what...HE DOESN'T TREAT ME LIKE THAT!!! Nor has he ever! He calls and texts me throughout the day (if I don't call him first, that is) just to make sure I'm doing well. As soon as he gets home, he occupies the kids, he plays games with them, he gets me snacks, he draws baths for me to soak in. He took the full day off of work on Tuesday so he could sit in a boring hospital room to hold my hand while I just sit there so they can draw my blood! Does this sound like an uncaring husband that sees his wife as nothing more than a baby factory?! I think not! He's quite concerned about all of this and, if I give the word, we're done having kids! The doctors have said, however, that the things that are happening now (I think with the exception of the thyroid), more than likely won't happen again (there's a very slim marginal chance of them recurring)! So, why is this all happening at once? I've asked that question over and over again. The answer is always the same - "It could be this reason or this reason, but in reality, I don't know!"

So, please, before you make a comment to someone - a comment that you THINK is harmless - please stop and think. You have no idea who you're hurting or insulting by making comments like those! Unless you've been in their shoes, lived in their house and seen EVERYTHING (the emotion, the love, the respect) that goes on there, you have no idea how that person will react!

So, I'll just say again, there is NO other man (in my eyes) out there that is better than my husband! I'm glad things worked out the way they did for me 8 (plus) years ago so that I could meet him and fall in love with him! He is an awesome person who treats me with respect and shows me (and tells me) that he loves me, everyday! I thank God for him every morning, noon and night (and even sometimes midnight, if I'm awake to do so)! I LOVE CHRIS!

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  1. I hate it when people say things like that. Rude!