Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've come up with a headline that would explain something that happened to my husband last night. I'm debating on whether or not to put it on here, because it is rather rude (I probably won't put it). Here's the story though - maybe you can all help me come up with a headline in the comments below!

Chris decided to go to the movies with his brother, a friend (we'll call him M) and M brought a friend along too. The movie started at 10-ish pm, so Chris got the kids in bed at his parent's house and then went to the theater. A couple rows in front of them, a young couple had brought their baby (probably about 3-4 months old) and M made a snide comment about how babies are like phones, they should be silenced or turned off. RUDE! He said it loud enough that this couple heard. The lady felt bad (I would have too), so after the movie, her boyfriend (think big, tall...around 6'5" or so) came up to M and asked him to apologize because he had made his girl feel bad. M said "whatever, that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it." and walked off. Everyone followed...including the boyfriend. He got up in M's face and started yelling at him. Again, M tried to blow him off and leave, walking up some stairs. Boyfriend-man lunged after him, M turned around and got punched, and just about fell down the stairs. M's friend went up and stood to the side trying to diffuse the situation, boyfriend-man tried to have a go at him again and Chris jumped in front of him and told him to back off and that he needed to calm down. Boyfriend-man started swinging at Chris, who blocked a couple of blows and then one caught him, his glasses cut his eye and fell off, Chris lost his footing and couldn't defend himself anymore, so caught another couple of blows and fell. Chris's brother saw all this and jumped in, he got punched too, then the boyfriend-man took off. Mall security caught him, the police were called and took statements, arrested the guy with 3 counts of assault against him. After taking Chris's statement, they allowed him and his brother to leave so they could go to the hospital and get his eye taken care of. He's now got 7 stitches just under his eyebrow. I've got a very blurry picture on my phone, and he says there's no black eyes, but his eye is swollen slightly. They're all fine though.

I have a number of emotions running through me right now. In Ogden area, people are known for carrying guns and knives. This could have been so much worse, and I'm glad it wasn't. I'm irritated that I had to find out that something happened on Facebook (someone posted a vague statement about them being jumped by "people" - which lead me to believe that he'd been robbed at knife/gun point by a gang of people...yes, my imagination does run wild at times). Chris knew that I'd had a rough day, that I was having contractions and just wanted me to sleep, I'm very glad that he was being so respectful of me, but would still have liked to find out about it from him...maybe I'm being picky. I'm angry at the guy for hitting my husband. I'm VERY angry at M, too. Some comments should be kept to one's self. I've taken my children to the theaters with me while they were small like that, AND M was with us too. He could have apologized that it hurt her feelings, but he didn't. The boyfriend could have just walked away from the whole situation too, but he didn't, and now he's in jail facing even more jail time, depending on what the judge has to say. Great fun. I kind of feel like a white-trash-soap-opera thinking of the whole situation. LOL

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  1. Oh boy! What jerks! I'm sorry Chris (a really great guy) had to get caught up in all of that. Not fun at all!