Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've decided that if it's not one thing, its another! I had another appointment yesterday. At my first appt (the ER follow-up), it was decided that I might have an issue with Gestational Diabetes, so, I "get" to take the glucose test twice this pregnancy. Another appt was scheduled at that time for yesterday. Yesterday, they took my blood work, including glucose (and after the appt they decided to do a thyroid test too, since I have a "generous" thyroid right now). But the day didn't start out well yesterday, sadly. I caught some kind of viral stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down all day (which kind of posed a problem for the glucose testing...but they said I kept it down long enough to get a good reading...we're hoping anyway). I was very dehydrated, though. They told me that if I didn't start keeping things down, then I'd have to go into the hospital and get IV fluids that afternoon. They gave me a prescription for some anti-nausea medications and sent me home. Today I'm doing a bit better, but still have to fight keep food down.

I'm very glad that my mom has been here to keep things running smoothly throughout the rest of the house. Bless her heart, she's been taking care of everything! She's even made cookies for the kids, to boot! I have the best mommy in the world!!!

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  1. Things will get better, beautiful! Keep holding on! So glad mom is there for you!