Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sam's Club and "Clown Cars"

Chris took the 3 older kids to Utah for the weekend, so it's just me, Celeste and Mom here for today and tomorrow. We decided that since we didn't have an over-abundance of little helpers, we would get some dinners in the freezer for me. We made a list of stuff we needed, then decided that we didn't need to cook breakfast for ourselves and headed to Subway. We ate our fill there and then went to Sam's Club. We decided that I needed to drive one of their 'clown cars' around the store (I really hate driving those things around). You get some interesting stares and comments from people while driving one of those around. Here are just a few:

"Thanks for the "close encounter"! HAHA" (I really didn't find this one all that funny, but that guy sure did.)
(to his wife)"Ya gotta watch out for those crazy drivers - they're getting younger and younger these days!" (this one actually made me literally laugh out loud!)
(from another 'clown car' driver)"What are you in here for? I smoked for too many *beep* years!" I answered that I'm trying to keep a baby inside and his response was "Well, your reason is a lot better than mine!" (a lady walked by and tried to get grandpa-man and I to race...LOL)

I also got some snide remarks and some stares...the stares mainly came from children (they just can't help themselves). But, believe it or not, there were GROWN adults that were staring me down. I really hate being the center of attention, especially that kind!

We then decided that we needed lunch, so we went and got that and ate it on the way home. We got home and put Celeste in bed and got started in the kitchen. We ended up making 7 freezer meals today (you can see some of the recipes here). We decided we were short a couple of items and needed to go back to the store (but the real reason we went out again was to get supper...LOL). We'll be making a couple more recipes tomorrow. I sat down at the table and chopped things, opened cans, mixed ingredients, etc. Mom was the runner and the one standing at the stove all day. You'd think that just sitting down wouldn't cause a lot of problems, however, it sort of did. I'm in pain (contractions and cramps). Oh boy. I really do wish that I could have just a sliver of my "old life" back! *sigh*

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  1. Sorry it wore you out! I'm sure everything will be ok and that the cramps and things will go away. Mom should come to my house and help me fill my freezer...haha!