Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update - First Dr's Appt.

We had our first doctor's appointment at our new office. It was somewhat comforting, but I think I still have questions.

All restrictions have been lifted, so I just need to listen to my body and decide what I should or shouldn't do from there (I'm also not considered high-risk anymore). The midwife was very straight-forward and didn't sugar-coat anything. Basically she said "if the baby is healthy and strong, then it won't go anywhere and I'll be fine, but if the baby is weak, no amount of bedrest will save it." She said that the fact that Baby has hung on this long is a good sign and this is VERY common and 95% of the time ends well.

I'm comforted that she's not worried about it, but at the same time, after all I've read, I'm not entirely certain I can safely be off all restrictions either. I still have cramping if I do too much. I still get very tired, as well. I do feel that this office is well informed and both Chris and I feel comfortable staying there for the duration of this pregnancy. I'll be meeting all of the midwives that are in that office throughout my term there, and as long as I'm not having any complications, I won't have to meet the OB's they work with. I've been invited to take a tour of the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital there and bring back any questions I have. She said with my past pregnancy history, that everything should work out just fine. Sadly, we weren't able to pick up the heartbeat on doppler, but she said not to panic because 10 weeks is the earliest that they've been able to pick one up, so it might still be too early. I have another appt in a couple weeks to finish up with the labs and what not, so she said they'd try again then.

I do have more questions that I thought of on the way home, and I'm still going to take it easy, my mom is going to stay here for a while longer so we can gauge things and see how things pan out, but the stress levels have gone down some. We've decided that we're probably not going to be traveling much this summer, which I am bummed about, but traveling is pretty hard on me while I'm pregnant anyway.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers in this, they have been very much appreciated!

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  1. Love you so much! I'm glad things are looking up and I'm especially glad you've got mom there to help you with things. There is no comfort like that of having mom there. :)

    Sorry you couldn't hear the heartbeat, but I'm sure your little peanut will be the cutest thing you've ever seen!