Thursday, May 27, 2010

Am I, or Am I Not?!

I just got a phone call from my midwifery center asking what my plans were. I was on the other line with Chris so I just let it go to voice mail. The message really rubbed me the wrong way! She said that she just got a note saying that I was "high-risk and transferring care, but that she also had another note saying that I was staying there - she had looked at my chart and the paperwork sent from the ER and said that all looked stable and that they just needed a follow-up u/s to confirm that all was healed and well, but that I wasn't high-risk and that she didn't know where I had gotten that info." HELLO?! It was THEIR OFFICE, one of their MIDWIVES that told me that! I'm not just pulling this info from thin air! Seriously! I know I shouldn't let this get to me, but really!

I hate being bounced around, so because of the fact that we had to get an OB's opinion, I just decided (with Chris's full consent too, by the way) to stay at this one office that has midwives that can deliver in the hospital setting. They completely down-played this whole situation and said that I probably wasn't high-risk, but they would do the follow-up and let me know for sure, but to just rest until then.

After talking with them and their billing office, and the hospital's billing office and our insurance's representative, we found out that I don't have to pay for anything on this baby unless I need a prescription, then it'd be a very small co-pay. Everything was being covered! Prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum, etc! At the midwifery office, I was going to have to pay around $1500 still...this move was saving us money. YAY! That was the main thing that I was holding on to for this transfer of care because of the disappointment of having to deliver somewhere else. It was heartbreaking for me (I know, you can call me crazy if you want to, but whatever)! I hate having to search for doctors...and GOOD ones! This group of ladies comes highly recommended and they're in the physicians plaza at the hospital, so I'm literally just right down the hall from L&D. That's a comfort for Chris. This whole ordeal really shook him up and he's bending over backward for me right now, bless his heart! I love that man!

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  1. Crazy people! Wish they could make up their minds! But on the upside, I'm REALLY glad for you guys that you won't have to pay anything for this baby! How cool is that!