Sunday, May 16, 2010


I don't usually believe in curses, but...I think that my pregnancies are cursed! Each and every single time I've been pregnant, someone in Chris's family has passed away! With Terra it was a cousin (young, no health problems), with James it was an aunt (cancer finally took her - it was way sad), with Tyler it was an uncle (freak accident), with Celeste it was Grandma Smitth (old age) and with this one it was another cousin. She had a brain aneurysm and was a vegetable and just never recovered. One minute, they said she was showing some signs of improvement, the next, she just passed away. Maybe we should rethink this idea that we have of a large family! Hmmm...(shall we move on to happier things now?)

Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE our Ward?! They are totally awesome here. Very warm and welcoming to everyone. We just got another dinner invite and I've had so many people come and offer help to me if my morning sickness gets too bad. I've got offers to babysit when I have my baby appointments and play dates scheduled for the summer months already. I really just love it here and feel like we fit right in. Chris even feels this way. He's getting involved in many activities and is planning on going down the the cannery this week...just because they needed someone else to go. We have dentists, optometrists and other sorts of doctors in our Ward and none of them get offended or seem put out if you ask for help or for an opinion. The dentist that we talked to today didn't even seem alarmed or annoyed that I haven't taken any of my kids to the dentist yet in their lifetime. Terra has a chipped tooth that is very quickly becoming a cavity problem. He said he'd take a look at it and it shouldn't be any problem! AWESOME! I taught my first lesson on Young Women today and the beehives were very funny girls. We laughed and joked, but really portrayed the lesson in a way that they could understand, I think anyway! Things are going awesome!

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