Friday, May 7, 2010

One Step Closer

We're getting there! Today, I paid off a credit card that I'd gotten to build up my credit. The customer service lady tried EVERYTHING in her power to keep the account open when I tried to close it out. She offered to put a massive amount of money into it to cover the monthly fees that accrue. She offered to pay for 4 months at first, I had gotten her up to almost next year when I finally had to really put my foot down.

"Listen! Since you haven't really been listening that close, it doesn't matter to me how much you want to credit to my account, I just want it closed, please!"

"Well, you haven't had it open very long. A year isn't long enough to raise your credit score substantially."

"Why is it, then, that my score has gone up to over 600 from the low 500's?"

"It has? Well, is there anything else that I can do to convince you to keep it open? I mean, during these tough economic times, you never know when you might need to use it again."

"I like to think of it as - if I'm not giving you my money, I'll have it to spend, or save and then fall back on, so please, just close the account!"

"Ok, here is your confirmation number, have a nice day."

She hung up before I could say good bye. I'm sorry I made her upset, but not bad enough to call back and apologize, because the feeling of not having this particular account hanging over my head, is SOOOOO AWESOME!

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