Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did Someone Say High-Risk?!

Ok, you can call me crazy if you'd like, but I never once considered myself "high-risk" through this whole ordeal! At least, not until my midwifery office told me that I was and said I had to be checked out by an OB before going back there again this pregnancy! Can we say FRUSTRATING?! Yes, I knew it was serious, but high-risk? I've decided that a bad word! Moving on....

Another frustration (this is turning into a venting post) - I wasn't really prepared for the question "Is your child handicapped?" I should have prepared myself for that, but I didn't. I got that question by one of my helpers - it was purely innocent and just wanting to know how to handle his tantrums (his schedule is no longer consistent at the moment and it's causing issues), but it took me off guard. My answer was "yes and no". A bit cryptic, but after explaining that its just a speech delay and that he's not really handicapped, just still developing in that department, all was ok and everyone moved on. I'm just still hung up on it, for some reason. Ok, rant over. I need to get busy on doing my research online and finding a midwife that can deliver in a hospital - wish me luck!

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