Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life's Small Joys

You know how something small is just HUGE at times?! Oh yeah, right now is SOOO one of those times. I've been feeling crummy today, but not as bad as it has been, so we tried really hard to clean up the house a bit since I felt semi-normal. The piles of laundry that were taking over my bedroom are now folded (all but my clothes) and put away. Chris made lunch for everyone - bless his heart - and it just wasn't all that great for me. Sad. So, I asked him if he wouldn't mind if I got a treat today. He said of course, and mentioned we needed milk too. Going into grocery stores is a rather, well, bad thing for me. The smell if meat and seafood overwhelms me right from the front door. So he went and got the milk, and some lunchables and then went to TCBY Treats and got me a smoothie from there. It's something like "Very Fruity" or whatever they call it. I don't really care, all I care about is that it was one of those TO DIE FOR things! So yummy! It's one of those small things that was really not so small - YAY! I drank that first and am now working on the lunchable. Ah, life is good today!

Yes, I crave lunchables. Odd, but not really. It has protein, which is what my body really needs right now, and is low in the sugar department, at least I think it is anyway. Hmmm, might have to research that out! Well, whatever, it's more than good to me right now and it just so happens to be settling my stomach right at the moment! I love my sweetheart - he's so good to me!!

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