Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Missing "Home"

Today, just as it was starting to sprinkle outside, I was leaving the house to go get Terra from school. When it rains, the smell of everything around me seems to heighten just a little bit. Next door, there are some Lilac bushes, and they're just starting to bloom! They are SOOO beautiful. However, smelling them makes me miss home. I miss those care-free days of growing up in the small "podunk" town. I don't miss the town as much as I miss my Mom. Lilacs are her favorite flower. I miss my whole family today. I've been rather weepy today and I'm sure we could pass it off as pregnancy hormones, but when you don't see your family very often, there are just days that tend to make you homesick - kinda like today did for me! So, to all of my family that's reading this, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I'll leave this post off with a funny story. Right after smelling those Lilacs, I got in the car, turned to make sure everyone was buckled, and caught a wiff of a ripe diaper. I had just changed Celeste, so I asked Tyler, "Are you stinky?" What was his reply? "No, it da car!"


  1. i often miss the loving warmth of home too...i miss being carefree and not having to be the mom...because - well MOM was the mom. LOL


  2. Amen to Jenn's comments. I miss you and love you too!