Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can We Say Hormonal?!

Yesterday was the worst day yet for morning sickness. I felt so awful that even the thought of going into the kitchen with the intent to make food made me gag! But, I suffered through the day and we all came out just fine...well, sort of. I'm still WAY nauseated today and there is a smell in our house that I can't pin-point and it's making the issue worse. I'll have to air out the house when it's not raining or threatening to. Last night Chris made a favorite snack of ours...chips and salsa. He usually blends grated cheese and extra garlic into the salsa for added flavor and it really does taste good. However, last night...I couldn't even stand to be sitting next to him. I scooted WAY over to the other side of the bed and tried not to breath in too deeply, and had the garbage can sitting close by, just in case. Finally he decided he was done, grabbed the bowl, held it out for me and asked, "Want some?"

"NO, but thanks." I said through gritted teeth.

He capped the bowl and put it in the fridge for future use and then came back to bed to finish watching the Jazz/Nuggets game. He held out his arm for me to snuggle in close and as I do he asks, "Is everything ok, or are you just sick?" To which my response was a hand over my mouth and "Can you please go brush your teeth?!" He poked fun of me for a minute and then at commercial he went and did as requested...he even gargled with mouth wash afterward, bless his heart. It only helped some, but there's not much else he could have done at that point, I guess. The smell of fresh garlic just doesn't sit well with me right now. Well, while he was brushing his teeth, I burst into tears because I felt so bad and thought that I had maybe hurt his feelings by telling him in a round about way that he had bad breath. When I told him this he just laughed, which made the tears worse...LOL. I can laugh about it now, but last night it was a real tragedy, I swear!

"One ticket for the 9 month hormonal roller coaster please?! I don't suppose this is an express ride, is it? And, yes, thank you, I will need a barf-baggie!"

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  1. How cute are you! Yep! You're definitely preggo. :) Especially with stories like that. I hope it gets better and that you have at least a few more fun stories to tell before you're done. :) Love ya!