Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bottle Success and Big "Boogers"

Lately I've been trying to get Celeste used to formula. My milk supply has cut back some and she seems to think she's wasting away (but, as you can see, she's not).

Well, I talked to the pediatrician about this problem and she said to try mixing a small amount of formula with breast-milk to slowly get her used to the taste of it, then I could suppliment with it if need be and it wouldn't be an issue. I had always been told that mixing them was a bad thing, and told her so. She said that recent studies have shown that it doesn't make a hill of beans difference. So, today, I mixed some together...more my milk than formula, and it took a little bit, but she drained the whole bottle. That's the most I've been able to get her to eat for about a week now! She didn't complain once she got going on the bottle, so HOORAY!!!

We also had a sibling rivalry thing going on today. Terra came running in crying, holding a toy in her hand. She said that James had poked her with it. Here's the conversation I got.

"Mom! James poked me wiff THIS one!!"

"I did NOT!"

"Yeah huh!"

"No, I poked you wiff DIS one!" (he says this as he holds up another it makes a difference, ya still poked her!)

We got that settled and I went and put Celeste down for a nap. When I came back out to the living room to check on the kids, it looked like James was picking his nose and it looked like he'd "struck the jack-pot". So, I grabbed a tissue and went over to explain to him that we need to do this with a tissue, not our fingers. You can imagine my astonishment when I pulled out this!

This is a piece of foam pad/stuffing! He had shoved this up his nose and was trying to see how high up he could get it....MOST of that was in his nose when I caught him. I'm shaking my head right now because I was so HOPING that I wouldn't have to deal a little body putting things in his nose/ears/etc.!!! This especially worries me because around Christmas time, there was a story on Fox31 news ( if you want to search it out) that was about kids putting those button batteries in their noses. From the time of insertion to the time it kills them from the acid seaping out into their system, is right around 2 hours! Freaked me out! They always have to make things sound so scary and serious then they broadcast them out there (not that it isn't a serious situation, but still....can we say, "mass histeria!").

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