Friday, January 16, 2009

Doctors Appointments And Chickens...

Celeste had her 2 month check up today. She weighs 13.5 lbs (91%) and is 24 inches long (75%). Her head is in the 70% (which is a bit "smaller" than was in the 85% then...ouch!). The pediatrician was pretty impressed with her motor skills and her sight (how well she could follow things) and also the fact that she can now sleep through the night most nights! She was also cracking up at how chubby she is! I told her I have "sumo kids in training". She said she was sure I fed them miracle grow for kids. LOL She got 4 vaccines...3 shots and one oral vaccine. The shots can give her the usual reactions...fever, soreness...but it usually goes away within 24-hrs. The oral one is one that I haven't had to deal with before. It can make them sick to their stomach and have diahrrea once or twice in a week. So, when we got home from grocery shopping today, we made dinner, ate and then I went and ran some bath water for me and Celeste. We sat and soaked for a while and she seemed happier after the bath.

I also got some valuable information on the chicken pox (unofficial diagnosis of Terra is, yes, it's chicken pox - since she wasn't with me, they couldn't officially say yes or no). If you've had the vaccine, you can still break out (which I knew). What I didn't know was that they don't generally present themselves as the blister-like looking rash. They look more like bug bites (but not exactly) and itch like them too. You start breaking out on your trunk and then it can spread anywhere from there. If you keep them covered up, then they're not contageous (so if you have any that aren't covered by clothing, cover 'em up with band-aids). So, as of right now, it's safe to send Terra back to school on Tuesday (since it's a holiday on Monday). Can I just say, I'm SO tired of everyone being sick right now?! Everytime someone says that they itch....I start itching everywhere (even though there's nothing wrong with me), if I see anyone itch, I'm almost stripping them down to check for about paranoid!

Anyway, while we were out grocery shopping, we'd found someplace that was getting rid of some chickens. Our land-lady told us we could get some and put them in the coup out back, so, in turn, we told her she could have some of the eggs that were laid by the hens. So, we have 3 chickens that get to be introduced to the "wilds of our backyard coup". Guess I get to get out my bib-over-alls and be "farmer Sandi" again!

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  1. YAY FOR CHICKENS!!! Now all you need are goats so then, you'll have goats and chickens, goats and chickens!!! that book!!!
    I'm glad your little munchkin is doing well (and eating and growing well) and I hope (for your sake) that everyone starts getting well soon. :)