Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Last night, Tyler would NOT go to bed. So, finally at around 10 pm, I decided to turn on the tv and change the channel to Baby First TV (google it, pretty cool for this VERY reason I'm about to explain right here). They have this nighttime programming that plays lullaby music and classical music to little pictures and scenes that are relaxing to babies. It helps put them to sleep (and apparently there are parents out there that put a tv in their children's rooms for this very purpose and keep it going all night long!!!). I put a pillow and a blanket on the couch for him to curl up with and turned off all the lights and went to put Celeste down for the night. When she was finally asleep, I went to check on him and he was asleep too (this was about 10:30 pm)! YIPPEE FOR ME! I went to pick him up and....what's this? A very potent aroma starts seeping up to my nose! So, now I'm faced with a decision! I am SO tired from putting up with everything from yesterday....do I leave him in this nasty diaper and then have to deal with a rash in the morning, or do I change him, risking the inevitable...waking him up?! I decide to change the poor guy, so I go get the wipes and a diaper...he actually stayed asleep until I put his clean diaper on him and started putting his pj's back together. Then his eyes are wide open and he's staring me down. So, I lay beside him on his bed, thinking this might help him fall asleep again fast. But no! He starts crawling all over me, so I go turn the tv back on and put him on the pillow and cover him with a blanket again. He's not as calm this time around, so I had to hog-tie him down and sit with him, while we both dozed off. I woke up around midnight and he was finally asleep in my arms, so I turned off the tv, put him in bed and then went to bed myself, only to have my hopes dashed at the cries of my baby! So, I get up with her and feed her and change her and put her back in bed with high hopes that she'll just go back to sleep for me. Not even close! After a few more tries at burping her, success is accomplished and she falls alseep for a few more hours and I finally get a few winks of sleep.

Today was warmer than yesterday and the perfect day for the kids to play outside. So, after picking Terra up from school, I bundle the kids up and send them off to play in the melting snow. This is the perfect kind of snow for building snow-men (and my kids thought so too). They built one and James came running inside to get me to come out and look, while Terra sat out there holding it up so it wouldn't fall over before I got there. Here are some pics of it...they actually did a pretty good job...just need to work on the base so it'll be more sturdy next time.
This first pic is just as she turned to walk away from it, and this next one is the remains of it after it fell and she tried so hard to rush back and "save it" from falling over.

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