Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Like.....Talking To A 5 Year Old...IMPOSSIBLE!

We had a nice long talk (well....long for a 5 yr old anyway) about how we can't lift up our shirts to show people the chicken pox today. After being asked to leave primary due to this very problem, we decided she should know that it's not appropriate to do that in public. We explained that it's a secret (yeah right), and that she can't lift up her shirt to show people.

"But I DON'T lift up my shirt mommy, I pull it down like this..." (she proceeds to show me how she shows people)
"But you can't do that honey."
"Because it'll make them sick too."
"Huh?" (I don't think I'm getting anywhere with this)
"If you lift up your shirt, the germies will jump off you and get other people." (she looks at me like I've lost my mind, so I give up on that one)
"Just make sure you wash your hands so that the germies don't make you sick or anyone else sick too."
"Ok mommy!"

She gets excited when I tell her she can actually "play" in water, since I've turned the water off in their bathroom because of certain things they've done in, flooding for example. However, as a result of me turning the water off in their bathroom, they seem to think mine is the play area of the house....either that or the kitchen. I can't seem to win in that department.

Lucky for me, Chris lets them help in the kitchen, which seems to ebb the wanting to play in the water for a couple days (maybe only one). He just made a wonderful dinner (it's a tradition in our house that he's in charge of the Sunday cooking...which gives me a nice break from that room for a day) that is probably the healthiest meal we've had in a long time. Now, we could always blame it on the recession and how food is just too expensive and all, but....I'll admit it. I'm just too darn tired and lazy to actually get out of the rut that we're in where food-age is concerned. We'll do chicken enchiladas, spaghetti, ham and broccoli soup, some concauction that we just make up as we go (trying to use things up before they go bad), and we use the crockpot a lot for our roasts (and stroganoff...can't get over how good that one is). So, if anyone has any suggestions for easy recipes that aren't totally out of the ordinary, please email them to me!

Another kitchen confession that I must make is that I'm a sugar addict (if there is such a thing). I've had insane cravings for chocolate lately. I used to be a choco-holic, but when I got preggers with Terra, totally lost that sweet tooth. In fact, I despised chocolate for a while there. It wasn't so bad in the past year, or so, to eat it once every.....4-5 months, but since I've had just won't go away!!! If there's any suggestions on how to get around that, please, PLEASE let me know! (and that suggestion on getting a hershey's bar and eating only one square a day....HA!!! totally didn't work! for me it was more like 1 square every.....minute!) I'm writing this as my wonderful husband is making chocolate chip cookies with the mouth is watering over this concept!!

I'm working really hard on losing the weight from this past pregnancy. I honestly don't think I've ever had to work this hard before (don't hit me...). But I HAVE lost 30 lbs since giving birth, so that, I must pat myself on the back for. Sadly, I have nother 20 lbs to go! No, I didn't gain that all during least I don't think I did anyway. I didn't step on a scale before I got pregnant to see what my pre-pregnancy weight was. I hadn't stepped on a scale since I got out of the hospital from my allergic reaction to Ibuprofen, to be completely honest, because I had massive water-retention-weight-gain from the steroids they had me on (never again will I willingly take those). Anyway, my excersize regeme consists of...crunches (to put the hernia back to normal so it can heal), running (which I can ALMOST accomplish by chasing the kids around the house), SOME weight lifting (lol, not a problem with 2 sumo-kids here). No, really, I do actually excersize 2-3 times a week (when my mommy-schedule allows it). Wish I could get more in there, but doesn't always work in my favor. Also, any tips/hints on how to schedule that into daily life would be appreciated too!!

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