Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crank Calls and Fixing Cats

First off (I'm not going to be nice for a second)...if you're going to make a comment to someone, be "man" enough to own up to that comment, don't hide behind some "unkown name - unknown number" while doing so. I got this phone call yesterday, after taking my kids to church the other day and having my daughter not be able to go to primary with the other kids, all the while, others are getting upset that there are children in primary and nursery who have been exposed to chicken pox....the world has ended. This phone call was listed on the caller id as unknown name - unknown number. The person on the other end is noticeabley trying to disguise their voice and says to me, "Now the nursery has to be sanitized" and then hangs up the phone. I'm only going to say this once and then I'll drop it......GROW UP!!!!! Chicken pox is NOT life threatening....an inconvenience, yes, but totally liveable!

Well, today, we took our cat in to the vet clinic since they are sponsoring a spay/neuter clinic yesterday and today. Poor BamBam will probably not be as trusting when he comes home this afternoon. The kids were VERY concerned that we were leaving him there at the office and not bringing him home, so we told them that the animal doctor was going to "fix" BamBam...and they seemed ok with this concept (they have NO idea what it entails). So we go to the school to talk to the school nurse about Terra's "condition" and whether or not it is ok to leave her there or if we have to bring her home. We get there, sit in the office for 20 mins and then get told to just take her down to the classroom and the rest of us (Chris, me and the kids) go home and wait for the nurse to call us since she's running late today. I was like,

"We live 12 miles out of town, so it'd be pointless for me to drive all the way out there, only to get a call as soon as I walk through the door saying to come get her."

"The nurse didn't seem too worried about it, so my guess is, it's not serious enough to keep her home."

Wow. This HUGE hype last week over nothing. So, we came home and here I sit, waiting for this phone call. But, while I've been sitting here typing this, James has come up to me saying he's fixing things, just like the animal dr is fixing BamBam. LOL All the while, he's holding a fisher price chizzle and hammer! Now, I'm a very visual person, and just the thought makes me crack up histerically that someone might fix an animal in such a way...LOL Can we all say, OUCH!!! (I'm SO glad that it's more humane than that!)

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  1. HAHA on the big boogers...lol. That is so funny. Of course I won't laugh too hard because then Joshua will decide to do that when he's bigger. lol.