Monday, January 12, 2009

"If You're Not Laughing, You're Crying"

See, I TOLD you all, my goal is to make you laugh. Now, if you look at the times of my last two posts, you'll see that it hasn't been long. In the time it took to post on here, on my family's website and then go check on the kids....(you're gonna love this):

James and Terra decided that since I had told them they couldn't have "bunny milk" (nesquick chocolatel milk), they would have some hot chocolate and they'd do it themselves! They climbed up on the counter, got into the cupboard and got the hot chocolate container (not a small one, might I add), and then climbed down and took it over to the island. They each had a BIG glass of water which they had also gotten themselves. They proceeded to spoon out chocolate and then decided that their glasses just wouldn't they dump everything they have into the container and try to stir it up....well, now there's a big chocolate mess on my counter that gets to be cleaned up.

Then Terra came running in to tell me that Tyler got hit. I asked who hit him and she said that James did because Tyler had hit her first (makes perfect sense....right). LOL well, I asked her to tell me exactly what happened and she excitedly was rambling on and was talking so fast that she slipped and told the truth....."...and Tyler wanted to play on the horse and I said no and he hit me and then I hit him and he fell..." Her eyes get big as she realizes that she's just told on herself!

And then, they decided to get into the diaper bag and found the teething tablets and infant gas drops. Terra drank the whole bottle of the gas drops and James got into a CHILD PROOF LID to get to the teething tablets! Again, Terra came running in to tell on James. She runs to the corner and puts her nose in the corner and says, "mom, James is getting into the medicines on the table." I'm thinking, what medicine is on the table. I went out and found James about ready to tip the bottle of tablets into his mouth. I caught the bottle and then found the empty gas drops bottle. I turned around and looked at both Terra and James and noticed that Terra's shirt had some wet marks on it (from droplets of something). I asked who drank it, and James points to her and she points to him. So I ask again in a louder voice and both fingers go to Terra. I sent them to their rooms while I called my sister and asked her if that was going to hurt the kids. She said no, so then I go and talk to the kids about how dangerous that is to do stuff like that. I think it just went in one ear and out the other So now everything has to go way up high and be locked up tight so he won't get into anything dangerous. It's times like this that make me want to call Chris and tell him to get home now!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! ha ha They each point to the other. lol. You know, you should write a script and sell it to some could make a WHOLE lot of money with stuff like this.