Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lowsy Batteries, or Something Else?

For the longest time, I could never figure out why the swing would suddenly fall back when I'd lay Celeste in it or why the batteries were always run down on it. I'd have to keep popping it back into place and replacing the batteries every couple of weeks, which was starting to get frustrating. Then I noticed that Tyler would be playing next to the swing right before this would happen each time. So, finally, I caught him in the act of "breaking" the swing. He'd crawl in, get comfy, turn it on and start swinging. Then, the back of the swing would fall back (luckily there's straps sewn on there to keep it from crashing all the way to the floor). So, he'd jump off, turn it off, try to sit the seat back upright, and then just walk away...trying to act natural! LOL We finally caught him today and had the camera close-by. Couldn't resist snapping a picture of it.

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