Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Knew...

Yes, yet another post today. LOL, you can tell what kind of a day I've had. This blog has become more like a journal for me, maybe I should just start copying and pasting everything into a word document and print it out once a month to place in a binder! As I sit here, periodically chasing my youngest son back into bed (the turkey), I ponder on things that I really learned from my kids today.

Who knew that kids could learn SO much from tv commercials. Terra is getting very educated by them....I'm seriously thinking of shutting off all tv communications before she learns something bad!! Everytime a commercial would come on about ANYTHING, she would come running to where ever I was in the house and tell me about it...almost word for word! I'm glad that she was watching nickelodeon (or was it toon disney....don't remember) because their commercials seem to be low key! For instance, there's this commercial about a purse organizer. Terra immediately grabs my purse and comes running to me (and yes, this all happened since I last posted or else you would have heard about it in the other posts of the day). She says, "mom, you need to be more or...or...or...gah...lized!!" She proceeds to dump out my purse and says, "oh no! not another mess! you need..." Now, I lost it at this point because my kids KNOW they're not supposed to be playing with my purse (they lost their immunization records once and it took me a couple weeks to find them, and then they've also misplaced my keys for if I don't already do that myself, don't really need help there). Thinking back on it, I should have let her finish's histerical! I made her pick up everything and put it back in my purse and put it away....she cried and now I feel terrible about it. A few minutes later, she comes marching in and says, "mom, when you do your eyes, don't poke it like this....(she makes a poking motion with her finger toward her eye)....make it swirl like this (she does this sort of magical swirly motion from her eyes outward) makes them look longer and.....what did they call it mom?" I knew exactly what they called it because I had been walking through the living room when the commercial was playing...the word is sexy, but do you think I'm going to tell my daughter that?! Not a chance! Especially when she repeats everything I tell her to her teacher! HAHA! I can just see it now...."Mrs. F....." (and if anyone couldn't tell what she was talking about for that last was an eye lash enhancer....thing, LOL)

I was making dinner and chasing the kids out of the pantry and the fridge because I knew they wouldn't eat dinner if they ate ANYTHING else, even a couple SMALL crackers. Now, I just didn't realize how SMALL of a snack would sustain them! Who knew that (this is totally gross, but bear with me) boogers could sustain life! I knew nothing of the sort......until tonight! I got dinner on the table and called the kids over to sit down and eat. Tyler, of course, comes RUNNING at the sound of the word "food"! This kid wouldn't miss a meal for anything! Terra turns off the tv and comes in, whining that James isn't coming! So, I tell her to sit down and I'll worry about James. So I go into the living room and find him sitting on the couch. I tell him to come in to eat and he says, "No, I've been eating here" "What have you been eating?" I ask with a very puzzled look, wondering what in the world he could have snuck out of the kitchen that would make him not hungry for dinner. "These things up here" as he gestures upward. "Where?" "Right HERE!!!!" he says as he picks his nose and EATS IT!!!!!!! Can I just say, I just about became sick right there! EW!

So, now I must go and chase them (Terra and Tyler) back to bed one more time (maybe a few more than that), wishing, once again, that Chris were here to tell them to stay in bed (since they seem to listen better to a male voice than mine).


  1. HAHA. Your kids are so cute and funny. I can just see them doing all of that. LOL. So, did you know that you can print off your blog in a journal/scrapbook type fashion? I'm just learning about this as well...that's why I blog. It's my journal. :D

  2. You crack me up!! Annie has some nice booger stories too. We were once telling her not to pick her nose because it SO gross, and she says "They are delicious to me". So one down and two more to go.