Friday, January 30, 2009

Gotta Love Chaos....Well, Maybe Only Sometimes

First of all, I have to say that I'm VERY thankful for neighbors that come to my rescue and for my family who lets me vent online to them! You guys are AWESOME!

My week started on ok, other than the fact that I was a single mom for a couple days. Things were going ok, until Monday night rolled around. The kids had been in the car all afternoon as I drove Ryan, Chris's brother, to do a few errands before dropping him off at the airport. So, when we got home, I got Celeste out of her car seat and put her on my bed and asked Terra to watch her, talk to her and if she cried, give her the binki so that I could finish up with dinner. I hadn't been out of the room for more than a few minutes and I heard Celeste crying so hard she could barely breath. I ran back in, half expecting to find her laying on the floor (from rolling off the bed), but she was still right where I'd put her. I picked her up and the crying wouldn't stop, so I kept asking Terra what happened (she was hiding under the bed, so I knew that she knew something). She kept saying she didn't know, so finally I screamed 'WHAT HAPPENED?!' and she finally confessed. She had been jumping on the bed and jumped on Celeste...not once, but twice. I asked if it was an accident and she said no, so I asked her why she did it and she said "Just cuz I wanted to." I called Chris and cried for a while and he asked me to hand the phone to Terra and he talked to her and she behaved after that!

The next day was wonderful, the kids were listening to me, and being nice....this NEVER happens here! LOL, well I can't say never, but it's a rare occurance. So, I decided to take this opportunity to completely clean the house so that by the time Chris came home, I could just hadn the kids off to him and go fold clothes and get ready to go out to an adoption shower for a friend from Church. I was really looking forward to getting out without the kids and just having a bit of fun with my friends.

I got the house pretty much clean and got a call from Chris asking me to go look online at for him and see where the road closures were (not exactly a good sign of him coming home). We found out that a good portion of the interstates were closed and many of the major roads were closed as well. He decided to try and find a way around it (which frightens me when he does this). He called me later (after I realized I wasn't going to make it to the shower and sent my gift with someone else that was going), and said he was going to get a hotel in Torrington because the roads were terrible and he could barely tell he was even ON the road...he barely made it into Torrington. It was around this time (I swear the phone must have been hooked up to some invisible speakers that only kids can hear), that the kids started their "evil-doing". I was on the phone trying to figure out where hotels were for him to try (since it'd be difficult to find one when roads are closed everywhere), and James kept coming in and telling me he'd peed himself, so I kept telling him to change himself and don't do it again.

When I got off the phone with Chris (after he'd finally found a hotel), I went to go have a "talkin'-to" with James and discovered what they were REALLY doing to cause him to be wet. Now, mind you, I was already very upset that he'd been "peeing" himself, so when I found out that he'd lied, that made it so much worse.....but it only got worse from there. I walked to the other end of the house and realized that they'd turned the water back on in their bathroom, and had flooded it. They'd also got my 3-liter water jugs and filled them and dumped them out.....on the carpet in front of the bathroom, in the linen closet, and in the boys' room. Needless to say, they went to bed that very second! It was NOT up for discussion. The next day I called and vented to one of my friends out here, as well as family online, and when Terra came home from preschool (it wasn't my carpool day), my neighbor came running in with Terra and gave me a hug and asked if I was ok and if there was something she could do to help, so we planned on her taking the kids the next day so I could clean the house for some dinner guests we were having over. This helped out imensely! After I got the house pretty much presentable, I went next door to get the kids and visit for a minute...which ended up being 1.5 hrs (which was very nice)!

So, we had dinner guests last night and it was fun visiting with them, and dinner was wonderful, but after that, we put on a movie for the kids and veg'd on the bed watching Smallville, and Chris fell asleep, so I got the kids ready for bed, and got sippies for the younger ones and then went and got Chris up for scripture/prayer time and we put the kids in bed. Then Chris went to bed RIGHT after doing this. Tyler doesn't go to sleep very early if he has naps, so, he didn't drop off to sleep until after 11 pm last night. I'm ready for a vacation! LOL, I know I've said this before, but I'm serious this time! I'm hoping that after a weekend of semi-relaxing, next week will be better (but I'm bracing myself since Chris has to go back up through Wyoming again!).

(*and to top it all satellite internet has been going out AGAIN! hopefully by Tuesday things should be working again*)

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