Thursday, January 22, 2009


Have you ever read a set of rules or warnings that make you think "now why would they put that down"? Well, last night we went grocery shopping and decided that since we were out, we'd get the kids a snack and a drink at burger king and let them play in the playground area for a few (since it was almost 70 degrees outside yesterday). I was sipping on my soda and reading the rules while sitting there and cracked up laughing at a couple of them. Here they are:

1 - Kids MUST be 4-10 years old to play here. (nothing wrong with this one...right)
2 - Kids MUST be supervised by a HAPPY adult. (haha, that would disqualify about half the parents that were there)
3 - Remove shoes - keep your SOCKS ON. Put shoes and all loose items in he shoe keeper. (I looked around after reading that one, and OUR kids were the ONLY ones that had socks on their feet)
4 - No running, no climbing on the outside of the nets or fence. (please, these are kids and when they play, they run!!!)
5 - No food or drink allowed in the playground structure. (as I read this one, a little kid ran up the stairs with his chocolate milk - which had no lid or straw)
6 - If you see anything weird, tell the manager. (LOL, this one made me laugh the hardest cuz, can't you just see some 10 yr old kid going to tell the manager he's seen something weird, only to find out it was his younger sibling...HAHAHAHA)
7 - We are NOT responsible for lost of stolen items. (this is why I make my kids give ME their shoes and other items when playing there, I can put them in the diaper bag....I decided to do this after watching 2 kids from different families squabble over who's stuff was who's a few years ago)

I just came to the conclusion that they just post those rule signs up for decoration only!

And, as usual, James had some smart-alec comment last night. I've spent the better part of the last couple days reminding the kids that BamBam has an owie and that we HAVE to leave him alone. Not really working, but it never really did work (remember the "poor cats" remark?). Well, finally after me telling the kids to leave him alone and me putting him in another room to hide, James comes up to me and says, "Mom, did the animal dr fix BamBam?" "Yes, that's why we have to leave him alone." "If they fixed him, why does he have an owie?" I really had nothing to say. Couldn't come up with a darn thing that would make him understand! "Just cuz he does, sweetie!" was all I could come up with!

Then, while we were waiting for Chris to come out of a store, I received a comment from Terra that made me VERY glad that my fertility isn't in the hands of a 5-yr-old!

"Mom, I think that Celeste can grow up tomorrow and we can have another baby next week!"

Yeah, you hang on to that thought, but I can tell ya right now......IT'S SOOOOO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!!!'re gonna have another kiddo next week? boy or girl? Poor BamBam...that's all I can say about and HAHAHAHA on the Burger King rules.