Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Revenge of the Chicken Pox...

Here we go again! It's not even 2 full weeks into 2009 and we might have another outbreak of the pox here! Oh grand....just grand! When it rains it pours, I guess!

So, the adventures of my day...are you ready for this? Think of the last couple days' posts...and combine them! That will give you my day today! They've done everything from dump out the "bunny milk" (nesquik powder), to fill my sink up with soap and then with water (and these sinks don't have those emergency drains in them...grrr), to doing something and then blaming the other one (James is starting to pick up on this nasty habit now). I thought this morning as I rolled out of bed 'I'm going to stay on top of them today and they won't get the "one-up" on me!' I got dressed and walked out to see that they already HAD the one-up on me. Crackers are smushed all over in my carpets and they're sitting in front of the tv watching morning cartoons...eating the crumbs ( carpets need to be cleaned, so that's not even cool). So, I have them set to work picking up the bigger pieces so I could vacuum later while they were napping...this lasted all of....well, it didn't really work at all! They were immediately running wild through the house (now, normally, they're usually pretty mellow but today they were wild, ravenous beasts). So, as I was kneeling by the couch, cleaning up that mess, they all ran off to do some other evil in the house. So started my day of torture. It seemed when I was at one mess, they were making another at the opposite end of the house.

After the cracker incident...they were off finding my squirt bottles....and drenching everything surrounding bed, the mirrors, each other, and my computer. ALL of it - monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, speakers...everything! I caught them and sent them to time out on their beds until I came to get them and set to work, wiping down my computer and then the mirrors and then anything else I could find that they had "christened with holy water". When I got done, I went in to get them out of time out and neither one of them was in bed....they were both shut up in Terra's closet playing with legos.

So, I told them I was making a list of the bad things they did so that I could take care of all the spankings tonight when daddy got home. Oh, the world fell to pieces. They cried and carried on about how they didn't want spankings....this went on until I left the room, then it was a happy day again (i really think they were just trying to humor me by carrying on so....trying to make me think I was effective at something).

Now, I'm sure you're all asking....where was Tyler during all of this? Well, there's the kicker! I went into the kitchen to start doing dishes and there he is, hiding behind the island with a chocolate face. The kids had gotten down the "bunny milk" sometime during this whole disaster and left it where he could reach. He was eating it and throwing it all over the kitchen, and then eating some more, having a grand time, I'm sure! So, I get him all cleaned up and sent out of the kitchen - he was quite mad that I had interupted his "dining" - and started cleaning up that mess. Pretty soon, I could hear bumps and bangs coming from my bathroom, so I go to investigate and almost get run over by the stampede coming from that particular area of the house. I go to investigate further, and find that my whole vanity is covered with soap suds and the water is still running, sinks are plugged (and again, refer back to that first emergency drains). I run in and unplug the drains and turn the water off and wash the suds down the drain and then go in search of the children. They have gotten into my small bottle of vegetable oil and sprayed all over everything on my fridge (pictures included), causing it all to smear, then they sprayed each other with it (not exactly the best smelling "pefume"), and then dumped it all over the coffee table in the living room. Then they were sitting quietly watching tv. They started telling me they were hungry while I was silently fuming while cleaning this mess up, so I kept telling them to wait for lunch (yes, it was ONLY lunch time at this point). Pretty quick, James comes running in, grabs a spoon out of the drawer and runs to the fridge and while opening it, says "mom, can I have some yogurt?"
"No, because we don't have any."
"But I WANT some, mom!"
"Honey, we don't have any!'
"But there was some on the tv!"
"That doesn't mean we have any here!"
So, he puts the spoon back and goes back and sits down. I haven't even bothered to turn the tv off for the day, even though they have watched way too much at this point....I think it was the only thing keeping my sane this morning! After a few minutes, he comes running back in.
"MOM! Can I have a cookie?"
"We don't have any and you still need to wait for lunch."
"But mom, I wanted a cookie (with the puppy-dog eyes)"
"I'm sorry, but I don't have any!"
"But there was some on the tv."
Ok, so if it's on the tv, we MUST have it here SOMEWHERE, right?! (wouldn't that be nice)

Then Terra comes in and says, "mom, these bumps itch!" Now, I really jump at this remark because of Chris's recent outbreak. I check her over and it doesn't seem like much of anything...two polka-dots on her chest and stomach...woohoo! They don't even look like the pox. So, I tell her not to touch them and they'll go away.

So, I fix lunch and send them off to bed and all three of them take naps (which never happens anymore). So, I know that Terra isn't feeling well (we'd kept her home from school because she threw up last night and still looked pail this morning, with a slight fever). So, I got a moment to relax and just zone out for a few.

The kids got up from their naps and, of course, chaos ensued. Toys everywhere, tug-of-wars over this and that and pretty soon, Terra comes over and says, "mom, they REALLY itch me now, and even on my back too." So I lift up her shirt once more and, sure enough, it's spread to her back (7-8 on her back and 2-3 on her front - one of which landing right in the middle of her belly-button). At this point, I just throw my hands up in the air and think, "What else?!" and then severely chasten myself for thinking such a thought!

So, we gave everyone baths tonight, hoping that it's just something that she got into that didn't agree with her, but not getting our hopes up too high. We'll see what tomorrow brings. So, now I must ask you all....want to come play at my house?! LOL

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